IP Intelligence

IP Intelligence

A new level of intelligence capability

IP Intelligence

Preventing criminal activities, detecting terrorist attacks, identifying relevant threats in advance. Most of these challenges come from Internet and web 2.0 services. 

A large set of new applications has increased the communication capabilities, providing a new way of interacting, sharing information and organizing activities. Criminal organizations exploit these applications taking advantage of the anonymity granted by the Internet.

A unique solution to face this challenge doesn’t exhist. IPS solutions deliver a new level of intelligence capability, including IP Monitoring with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems and Social Network analysis through OSINT platform with Virtual HUMINT capabilities to complement traditional Lawful Interception infrastructure. The combination of different methodology and technology will help to improve the visibility with the aim to identify, prevent and neutralize the threats that comes from every channel (Web, Deep and Dark Web, Social Media, Forums, etc.). 

Related features

Open source intelligence

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

IPS end-to-end OSINT Platform provides a modular and future-proof solution to do Web and Social Network analysis in order to identify, prevent and neutralize threats. 
Key benefits: gathering public data from a wide range of sources; geo-location of results; multi-social correlation information on most used platforms; relations analysis and statistical graphs; advanced semantic analysis on specific entities on multi-language base; open platform to be integrated with third party analytics tools and databases; reporting tools for technical analysts as well as for high ranking decision makers; real time alerting; deep and dark web ready; compatible with main social networks, as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Foursquare and more. 

An advanced and fast Deep Web Analysis and Dark Web Monitoring tool, useful to operate on the latest Crypto Market, Darknet Market and Darkweb Market, thanks to a powerful and custom harvesting of multiple sources. 



Dpi for IP Monitoring

The Solution is a system designed to acquire information from multiple service and network providers using passive, in-line or tactical probes. Monitoring and grabbing of Internet traffic over Packet Switched Networks is possible through Packet Switched Probe (PSP) representing a hardware-software solution for monitoring and capturing data traffic on the basis of fully customizable interception criteria.
Typical usage examples: Content Providers network nodes not equipped with native LI capabilities; LEAs needing to monitor traffic outside the CSP networks (i.e. private infrastructures, airports, hotels, etc.); Investigators requiring advanced targeting criteria on traffic payloads through Deep Packet Inspection (usually not available from CSP network LI functionalities) as long as pre-filtering capabilities; National security regulations include traffic filtering policies.

Metadata extraction and analysis

IPS introduces his new generation platform for Internet Data Retention based on metadata extraction and collection allowing Law Enforcement Agencies to drive their need of "Intelligence through Information” and consequent improve their investigation capabilities by massively collect, in a fully stealth and undetectable mode, relevant information daily crossing the national Internet backbone through Deep Packet Inspection.



The lack of relevant information due to the encryption of the main communication tools transforms any bit of information available useful in order to build a profile of the target, understanding which kind of devices and behaviour is used to surf the web and what kind of applications are used to communicate. This is possible thanks to OSINT platform with Virtual Humint capabilities and IP Monitoring with Deep Packet Inspection.

Social network analysis and tracking

Social network analysis and tracking

The adoption of HTTPS-based protocols by the most important social network platforms is the latest challenge, since the traditional approach to intercept and monitor such traffic is absolutely blind. The combination of OSINT, Virtual Humint and IP Monitoring with Deep Packet Inspection provides direct access to the source of information, which is not available monitoring the traffic according to Lawful Interception standards.


IPS provides tailored professional training courses and first-class workshops, continuous support and on-site consulting services for his Unconventional IP Intelligence solutions as the right use of OSINT, Virtual Humint, Social Network Analysis and IP Monitoring with Deep Packet Inspection could result essential to achive information needed. These courses are fully customizable and delivered by professionals with a long technological and investigative proven experience. IPS’s training specialists have unparalleled expertise in training and provide always a complete and advanced education to every communication intelligence need.